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My personal fitness journey wasn’t easy!

Even though I was active, I struggled with proper nutrition. I couldn’t do some basic exercises, such as pull-ups or 135 on the flat bench. I decided to make a lifestyle change, and it was the BEST decision!

I changed my life and now I’m ready to help change yours! After coaching for 7 years, I became a certified fitness trainer through ISSA. With my journey, I’ve witnessed that you have to work hard and make fitness a lifestyle, while still having fun.

Passionate. Determined. Supportive.
Train Insane or Remain The Same.

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Customized Plan: $100
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45 Minutes: $40
30 Minutes: $30


A variety of options are available for purchase.
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Client Progress Updates

Training with Jermaine has been great. He helps me out with my eating habits and gives me new meal plans if I hit a wall or get bored of eating the same thing over and over. If I’m not getting the results that I want, he gives me different tips on how to change up what I do day to day to make it work for me.

I can text him anytime with questions regarding different products and supplements that I want to try or have heard of and he gives me his best advice based on his knowledge of supplements and what he has learned about me while training. He helps me stay consistent in coming to the gym and working out on my own time along with coming to the gym at least twice a week to train.

I have lost 29 Lbs since April 2018 while training with Jermaine and staying consistent with my eating habits.
I first gained weight around 2013 when I got out of a bad longterm relationship. I ate and ate and became more and more unhappy with myself. I went from 150lbs to 234lbs. I have tried several gyms over the years to try to work it all off and get back in shape. I just had a hard time finding one with the right fit.

Back at the beginning of 2018 I made the normal New Years resolution to lose weight. I looked for over a month for the right gym and then I found Fit413. I told them my goals and they recommended a personal trainer. I was a little iffy about it at first. For one thing it cost more money and I have lost weight on my own before. I then looked at the benefits as they could teach me how to lift weights properly and help keep me motivated. I finally decided to take them up on their offer. They then signed me up with Insane Jermaine. At first it was very tough. I was so out of shape. I would sweat so much and get so sore that I just wanted to quit. Jermaine saw through all that and kept me motivated. I can also text him anytime with questions and he does not hesitate to answer. He just straight up cares.

After all of this I have lost 60lbs and weigh a comfortable 174lbs. I have also gained some muscle. This past Summer I ran my first official 5k and did it in 27 minutes. I would recommend Insane Jermaine to anyone.
Lost 40 pounds in 9 months and still losing!!!!

In October 2017, I found myself traveling up north with family to explore some of the unknowns to me. While there, plenty of pictures were taken and this is where my story begins. About a week after my vacation, I sat down and looked over pictures and I came upon one that put me in shock. I was like, “I CANNOT BE THAT BIG!!”. I didn’t know what to think but I knew I needed to do something. I was at my heaviest point in life and denial was setting in. I knew it was time to make a decision. Go hard – Or don’t go at all. I decided to “Go-Hard”. We were matched with the perfect trainer, Jermaine Housey. Sooo the rumor around the gym at that time was that they called him Insane Jermaine. We didn’t know what we had gotten into, but I can now say he was God sent. He worked every part of our body no matter what resistance we gave him. We had goals and he was determined to help us meet them. I cannot put into words how his sessions gave me life.

Jermaine took time to listen and pay attention to our bodies. I went from losing my self confidence to gaining physical and emotional security. I learned how to adopt a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, instead of trying to change myself to match that. I am healthier mentally and physically and am very happy with the investment in personal training and the investment Jermaine had put in me. I feel valued and I look forward to meeting my goal 5.1.2019 as I am still training.
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