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Jermaine Housey

Certified Fitness Trainer | Boot Camp & Group Fitness Instructor

Training is my passion. I love helping people achieve their goals.
After 7 years of coaching for fun, I decided to become a certified trainer. I received my certification from ISSA in 2014. With my journey, I've witnessed that it's not something that you do and just chill with. You have to work hard and make it a lifestyle, but you can still have fun. One of the best moments is seeing the smile on your face when you've have accomplished a goal.

My personal fitness journey wasn't easy. I struggled with proper nutrition and supplements. Learning how to eat and what supplements to take was a challenge. I was embarassed because I couldn't do pull-ups or 135 pounds on the flat bench. But I never stopped. I was determined to get better, and I did. That's my goal for all of my clients. I want to keep you motivated, and make sure you never lose faith in yourself.


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